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Considerations To Make When Developing Solar PV Communities in Ireland


A community solar PV is a centrally located place where all members of the area or even further out, regardless of their daily operations, make subscriptions to get energy in the form of electricity. Every member of the relevant community, starting from ordinary residents, people in business, or any manufacturing organizations, fully benefit from the solar plant. The subscription you make is equal to the amount of electricity you require for a month. At the end of the month, you get a bill that you are to pay without fail since most of the cash goes back to managing the solar garden. Developing such a useful program is a good thought since the community gets to benefit as the energy prices are a bit lower. However, since the number of people to be affected is vast, considerations have to be made to ensure the outcome is efficient. Below are some of the aspects to consider to avoid any type of negative output.

Ecological Impacts.

Developing a solar garden for a whole community requires a large portion of land for solar energy to be harnessed in large amounts to meet all the available demand. Firstly before the installation of any machinery, there is a need to do some grading on the assigned area to clear away any unwanted constructions or plantations. The process, in most cases, affects the nature of the city since items like trees get cut down. The presence of farms also means habitat for animals or insects. Thus, they get affected while some might end up dying in the process. Before clearing begins, research should be done by the relevant parties to see if it is possible to make transfers rather than dealing away with what is available as Clover Solar Panels Ireland explains.

Environmental Disturbance.

Production of electricity on a large scale requires heavy machinery and a large area to be efficient. The space for the collection of solar radiation, which is the primary raw material for production, should also be vast to get enough energy to produce the electricity at utility-scale. Such a set up does not encourage the living of any animals or humans nearby. Before settling on an area, consultation regarding siting should be in-depth.


Environmental pollution is one of the primary reasons leading to global warming. Therefore, although the development of a solar garden community might be beneficial, you have to eliminate the chances of it causing more harm than good to the environment. When the production process begins, there is a potential of contaminating the environment through fumes and wastages. The heavy machinery normally operates by using oils or hydraulic fluid, which exposes the earth to a lot of harm in cases of any spillages. Although some of these occurrences are aspects you cannot avoid, maintenance can help to control damages immediately they take place. There should be channels for the passing of fumes from the machinery. Also, hazardous materials can get handled automatically rather than by human beings.

Impacts On Soil And Water.

Developing large scale solar equipment requires a lot of grading for all the machinery to be appropriately placed to give room for effective production. Massive clearing and grading tend to have a substantial negative impact on the soils. It alters drainage channels and further eroding the ground, which leads to an increase in the runoff of the place. Therefore it is essential to use environmentally friendly procedures to make the area ready for developmental purposes. During production, if the outlet for fumes is in the open, it can easily mix with the air and later affect nearby animals or vegetations.

Furthermore, since most of the machinery in the plant operates continuously, the need for cooling them to avoid overheating should not be overlooked. The standard type of coolant is water. Since there are many machines, this will mean that large amounts of water are needed; therefore, a permanent water source within is the main target. The demand for water will further increase, and if there is no control in place, all sources can get dry. Also, water sources get exposure to harmful chemicals, which can lead to contamination.

Impact On Aircraft.

The presence of a massive solar plant can harm any existing aircraft operations within the region. Production of electricity through solar usually involves the use of high temperatures, which exposes the environment to a lot of safety risks. Relevant machinery emits electric and magnetic fields. Such conditions can further interfere with aircraft if there are reflecting beams wrongly directed to the path for the planes.

Developing a solar PV community is a good cause. Still, all the above considerations should get a prior checkup to avoid causing damages to either the environment or the beneficiaries of the electricity. Every aspect should get looked into, and high maintenance procedures and controls set in place to deal with unavoidable factors.

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