logo_sunshot_285Northwest Solar Communities was strategically chosen to represent the diverse jurisdictions, utilities and regulatory environments across Washington and Oregon. Jurisdictions and utilities participating in the effort serve over 80% of ratepayers across the two-state area. Together, we will bring the benefits of streamlined solar to the region and create a network of Northwest Solar Communities.


Jurisdictions in Washington and Oregon have joined Northwest Solar Communities to collaborate on streamlined permitting, smart solar planning, and financing opportunities to make solar easy and accessible for all.


Partner utilities represent a cross section of utility types – municipal, investor-owned, and public utility districts. Together, they are looking at best practices for solar interconnection and seeking more efficient ways to serve a growing number solar customers.

Facilitation Partners

State energy offices and nonprofits from Washington and Oregon have teamed up to lead the charge for simple, fast, cost effective solar. Key facilitation partners include Northwest SEED, Washington Department of Commerce, Oregon Department of Energy, and Solar Oregon. The team brings a record of success in reducing soft costs and tackling market barriers, and will guide participating jurisdictions in representing at least 2 million citizens to achieve Northwest Solar Community status. Additional facilitation support is provided by a host of organizations that lend their expertise in solar markets, outreach and engagement, incentive deployment, and more. You can learn about the contributions of these facilitation partners here.