Additional Facilitation Partners

A variety of partner organizations have joined the Pacific Northwest Solar Partnership to help simplify rooftop solar for all. The partnership provides a platform for organizations with national clout like IREC to join with state ASES chapters and local solar advocates, paving the way for widespread solar adoption. These facilitation partners lend their expertise in city and state code, regulatory reform, membership engagement, legislative advocacy, and more to inform the deployment of Northwest Solar Communities best practices.

Energy Trust of Oregon

The Energy Trust of Oregon is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping utility customers benefit from saving energy and generating renewable energy. The Energy Trust’s services, cash incentives, and solutions have helped participating customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural, and Cascade Natural Gas save more than $1.3 billion in their energy bills – keeping costs low and building a sustainable energy future.

The Energy Trust is supporting this effort by lending their expertise in solar deployment and incentive delivery to various work groups.

Interstate Renewable Energy Council

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council is a nationally recognized thought leader, stakeholder coordinator, expert resource, and facilitator of regulatory reform in the clean energy movement. IREC’s programs and policies benefit consumers, policymakers, utilities, and the clean energy industry. The results are visible in nearly every state, with rules that enable millions more consumers to participate in the clean energy marketplace – and practices that make it easier, safer, and more affordable to connect to the utility grid.

IREC is supporting this effort by lending expertise in interconnection, net metering, and permitting, all of which are central to the goals of Northwest Solar Communities.

Solar Washington

Solar Washington, the Washington Chapter of the American Solar Energy Society, is a nonprofit organization of interested citizens, companies, consultants and organizations working to advance solar in Washington.  Through education and networking, Solar Washington promotes the development and effective use of solar and renewable energy with concern for the economic, environmental and social fabric of Washington.

Solar Washington is supporting this effort by raising awareness among its members so that they can attend work group sessions, provide industry feedback on proposals for permitting and interconnection, and support positive regulatory and legislative changes at the State level.

Sustainable Connections

Sustainable Connections envisions a thriving, collaborative community where local businesses are prosperous, and contribute to a healthy environment and the well-being of all citizens. As a non-profit network of local, independently owned businesses and supporters, they facilitate sustainable economic development through education, connections, and market development.

Sustainable Connections is supporting this effort by encouraging the adoption of Northwest Solar Communities best practices throughout Washington.

Washington State University, Energy Extension

The Energy Extension Program is a self-supported department within Washington State University that provides energy-related services, products, education, and information. Programs focus on advancing the environmental and economic well-bring of customers, which include large and small businesses, public and private utilities, local and state governments, tribes, federal agencies and facilities, and more.

The Energy Extension Program at WSU will be supporting this effort by delivering trainings for building officials and inspectors on Northwest Solar Communities best practices.

Wy’East Resource Conservation & Development Council

Wy’East RCD is a locally-led rural development organization that helps communities become sustainable by enhancing and building social, economic, and natural resources. Their Save Water Save Energy program works with agriculture producers across Oregon to achieve energy efficiency through improvements to on-farm operations. Wy’East RCD also leads the Oregon Agriculture Energy Strategy Group, which consists of decision makers from government agencies, public and private utilities, and nonprofit organizations.