City of Bellevue

With a population of just over 120,000, Bellevue serves as the metropolitan center for King County’s Eastside. Bellevue supports their citizens’ access to renewable energy while implementing a solar permitting system that is simple, cost effective and that meets the needs of the community.

Solar Permitting: Simplified and Standardized

The City’s Development Services department has had an online permitting program in place for over a decade with the goal of creating a predictable and consistent level of permitting service.  As part of the Evergreen State Solar Partnership in 2012, Bellevue developed and adopted a Tip Sheet for solar installations to specify a streamlined path for residential rooftop solar installations, whereby a building permit is not required if the installation meets certain standard requirements. Northwest Solar Communities leverages Bellevue’s regional coordination and collaboration efforts as part of the inter-governmental web portal, (MBP).

Solar Information Central

In addition to the MBP work, Bellevue has a solar specific web page, listing contacts, an overview of the solar permitting process, and specific application materials and checklists.

Through their implementation of on-line solar tip sheets, easy to access solar information, and reasonable fees, Bellevue is a model Northwest Solar Community – open for solar business!