City of Hillsboro

Located between Portland and the Oregon Coast, Hillsboro is Oregon’s 5th largest city with a population of over 93,000. The City of Hillsboro is dedicated to providing efficient and effective services to its residents and businesses. Currently ranking 4th in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Power Community Challenge, 39.3% of Hillsboro’s total community energy use comes from green energy. Through its partnership with Northwest Solar Communities, Hillsboro looks to further its effort to increase access to solar power across the city and the region.

The Hillsboro Solar Advantage

In addition to participating in the U.S. Department of Energy Better Buildings Challenge and promoting Clean Energy Works Oregon, Hillsboro has partnered with SolarWorld – the largest photovoltaic solar panel manufacturer in North America for the past 35 years – to create the Hillsboro Solar Advantage. This solar incentive program has helped to create local manufacturing and trades jobs and has been a key part of renewable energy development in Hillsboro, with nearly 400 solar projects over the past four years.

Maximizing Permitting for Solar Energy Systems

Hillsboro provides a coordinated, efficient permitting system, including a building permit fee waiver for renewable energy systems, and information for constituents interested in renewable energy, including solar. Hillsboro has had online permitting since 2012 and has deployed a comprehensive permit process enterprise platform. Hillsboro’s system, combined with the building permit fee waiver for renewable energy systems and participation in the Rooftop Solar Challenge through Northwest Solar Communities will ensure the most timely and cost effective permitting process possible.

Hillsboro Solar Advantage