City of Seattle: Solar Made Simple

Easy-Peasy Permitting

Most residential solar installations in Seattle do not require a building permit at all. To clarify when a building permit is necessary, the City is incorporating the standard checklist developed by the Evergreen State Solar Project/NW Solar Communities into their updated Solar Tip guide. An electrical permit can be self-issued and paid for on-line.

Shared Solar

Seattle City Light’s award-winning Community Solar program allows customers who can’t go solar on their own home to choose solar from public installations. The first project, at Seattle’s Jefferson Park, subscribed over 450 customers, and a second project is planned.

Municipal Utility Mojo

In many communities, the electric utility and the local permitting body are entirely separate enterprises, with unique customer service and information portals. In Seattle, both the electric utility (Seattle City Light) and the permitting body (Seattle Department of Planning and Development) are part of the City of Seattle. Plans are afoot to seize this opportunity to further streamline solar. Can you imagine a one stop permitting and interconnection application? Stay tuned….

Learn what Seattle’s municipal utility, Seattle City Light, is doing to streamline interconnection for utility customers.