Seattle City Light: Municipal Model


Seattle City Light  serves over 780,000 residents in the City of Seattle and surrounding jurisdictions. They offer customers a range of options for going solar, including Community Solar and Solarize group purchasing. As a municipal utility, they are in a strong position to coordinate with their City Department of Planning and Development to institute streamlined solar.

Improving Interconnection

Simple Application

City Light already offers a relatively simple interconnection application for PV systems up to 100 kW. They plan to make it even simpler for inverter based systems under 25 kW and will adopt the Standard 1 Line diagram that was developed by the Evergreen State Solar Partnership for permitting and interconnection.

Consistent Communication

City Light offers an annual Solar installer round table to share the latest interconnection requirements and ensure that participating contractors are up to speed on utility processes and requirements. For potential solar customers, they updated their Solar Tip pamphlet with the latest information and made it available on the web.

Supporting Solar Programs


City Light’s Solarize group purchase campaigns are boosting customer generation to new highs and they project over 1,000 net metered customers by the end of the year.

Community Solar

Seattle’s award winning Community solar project at Jefferson Park jump-started their community solar program in 2011. The 450 customers who enrolled in the first project created a revolving fund which will be applied toward the next projects.