Making solar simple and cost effective means tackling tough roadblocks that can hamper the process. Cities and utilities are uniquely poised to address some of the most pressing barriers, including permitting, interconnection and net metering, financing, and planning. With the right internal infrastructure, departmental collaboration, and political will, jurisdictions across the region can join our network of Northwest Solar Communities by adopting the following best practices to simplify rooftop solar.


A standardized process helps cities and counties reduce the effort and cost associated with solar permitting, while maintaining checks and balances to ensure system safety. Learn about permitting best practices here.

Interconnection and Net Meteringinverter-cropped

Together, streamlined interconnection and net metering are essential to cost-effectively realize the benefits of distributed solar energy. Learn more about the standard one-line diagram we developed, the template interconnection application and best practices here.

Economics of Solar

An equitable solar policy supports both incentives and financing. We are researching and developing options that enable direct financing, community solar programs, and 3rd party ownership. Learn more here.


Learn about best practices that local governments can implement to develop comprehensive planning policies, solar access regulations and standards, and streamlined permitting processes. Learn more here.